Windows / Doors / Leak Repairs

The Outer Banks is a beautiful place to live and vacation, but the environmental conditions can put your home’s construction to the test. Gale and hurricane force winds coupled with torrential rains occur regularly here at the beach, resulting in wind-driven rain penetrating improperly-protected structures. The result: soaked and mildew-filled carpets, water-damaged ceilings and drywall, water-logged and buckling plywood, and worse.

Our experts have decades of hands-on experience in preventing water leaks into your valuable property. Our proprietary construction and installation methods ensure our clients’ homes are watertight for years to come. Our staff is also versed on the various federal-, state- and local- regulations governing construction techniques within our CAMA (Coastal Area Management Authority) zone, so you can be certain that OBX Builders complies with the highest of standards.